How can you compete
in the face of rising drug costs
and ever-changing regulations?

focusing not only on Best Practices,
but Next Practices so your hospital is ready for the future.

Your Hospital

As healthcare costs continue to balloon, reimbursement regulations now pay based on quality, not quantity of services provided.

So how can you compete in the face of rising drug costs and ever-changing regulations?

We help hospitals by providing Pharmacy Management Services that are rooted in “next practices” and guaranteed to reduce costs, keep you in compliance and improve the overall quality of patient care.


The Difference

proprietary tools
1.5mm plus
We Provide:
  • Quality improvement tools and resources to optimize patient care and safety.
  • Industry leading clinical cost savings programs.
  • Highly qualified pharmacy leadership that drives results.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance.

We help you track and manage it all with industry leading data
and technology solutions:

  • FICSsm Metrics – Focused Initiatives for Cost Savings.
  • Pharmacy Benchmark Solutions – Identifies opportunities to increase profitability,
    save costs and evaluate operating metrics with like-size hospitals and across our network.
  • Rx Medi-Trendsm – Our proprietary program that helps you identify areas of risk and opportunities for improvement.
  • 340B Auditing Tool – Ensures compliance with 340B rules and regulations.
  • Signylsm – Our proprietary software provides real-time access to cost saving initiatives, department goals, and benchmarking data.
  • Nursing Survey – Our annual Nursing Satisfaction Survey measures the quality of service provided by our Pharmacy Department.
We optimize how you care for your patients.
Industry experts armed with industry leading technology focused on your Pharmacy.

Imagine what that could mean for the financial health of your hospital.

Our Knowledge & Tools:
Our expertise exceeds expectations in these areas.

Quality and Patient Safety

Performance Operations Audit

  • 250+ Standards – Industry Best Practices and Regulatory Compliance

Policy and Procedures

  • Compliant to CMS, Joint Commision, HFAP, and DNV Standards

Performance Improvement Plan

  • Continuous Improvement Programs to Improve Quality and Financial Results

Clinical and Technical Expertise

  • Product Utilization Review and Clinical Value Analysis

Customer Satisfaction

Annual Customer Service Survey

  • Nursing and Medical Staff In-Services
  • Regular Business Review Meetings with PSI Pharmacy Solutions Team
  • CareForwardsm Programs to improve quality of patient care, decrease readmissions and increase revenues related to transitions care.

Personnel Expertise


  • Our Operations Specialists have expert knowledge of what it takes to manage a department running on best practices.

Quality & Compliance

  • Our Quality and Compliance team will be the backbone to ensure that your supply chain is operating within compliance to regulatory standards and driving performance improvement.

Procurement & Contracting

  • The Procurement and Contracting team provides key support to help drive product standardization to maximize savings and contractual leverage with key supply chain partners.

Training and Development

Education and Development doesn’t stop at the Director of Pharmacy. PSI Pharmacy Solutions works to develop individualized development plans for the materials management team in order to drive success in the department.

Our proprietary tools out-perform current standards.

Financial Success

  • Identify Savings through Product Standardization and Clinical Value Analysis and Benchmarking Key Performance Areas to Industry Best Standards
  • Maximize Contract and Prime Vendor Utilization
  • Improve Purchasing and Inventory Control Practices
  • Reimbursement analysis to optimize revenue of high costs medications

Rx Medi-Trendsm

Your solution to identify areas of risk and opportunities for improvement. Targeting these performance improvement activities and clinical interventions will ultimately result in:

  • Improved patient safety
  • Improved quality of care
  • Maintaining accreditation status
  • Cost avoidance

CareForward Program

Our mission is to positively impact the quality of patient care through the effective managment of medication therapy.

  • Credentialing and Privileging Hospital Practitioners
  • Cost Effective Specialty Pharmacy
  • Decreasing re-hospitalization and improving patient care through MTM Clinics
  • Discharge prescriptions to bedside via Meds to Beds
  • Outpatient Infusion Reimbursement Toolkits
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